Guemes Island is north of Anacortes and part of the San Juan Island archipelago. To access Guemes Island there is a county ferry that departs from 6th and I Avenue in downtown Anacortes. It only takes 6 minutes to cross the Guemes Channel and dock. The ferry runs every half hour to forty five minutes.

The interior of the island is forestland, pastures with hedgerows of wild roses and homes with acreage. Along the shore are beach cottages and custom waterfront homes. Guemes Island has miles of beaches to walk and enjoy. For those who like rocks there are agates to collect on some of the beaches.

Guemes islanders get together for community events. There is always a fourth of July parade on North Beach. Labor Day weekend has an arts and crafts festival and bake sale at the community center. There are many activities throughout the year that give people a chance to get together.

The school age children on the island are bused to the Anacortes School district which is one of the best school districts in the state.

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